About Us

We believe in quality work and that is the reason we have designed the best publication house in Malaysia that deals with the lifestyle and travel requirements and tell people how to get perfect and enjoying journeys while travelling and to get perfect lifestyle possible for them. Normally the best travel and lifestyle is expected to give people the best and authenticated news, reviews from the experts throughout the world, latest fashions, and superb photo shoots and fashion shows, and other things that people like to see in the specific region or country. Right from the inception of our magazine we always wander to get the stories published which suits to the interests of the people. Due to our reliable findings and perfect news our magazine is considered best for giving the traveling news and tips, coverage of the award functions and we have the best staff like photographers and journalists to cover the top stories for you in all manners and related to the all the interests of people. We give all the news and tell people what they want like. We also give them suggestion about the best and cost effective hotels to stay in various regions, tell them the restaurants that will offer them the best and lowest cost foods and tell the places to which they must go and see to make a good handout possible for themselves.

We not only focus on providing the best tips and guides for traveling but also cover the important aspects of different lifestyles that people like to opt and in which people are interested. Our dedicated team with a combination of young and experienced people tell the lifestyles both while staying at home and while traveling like the accessories which you need to take with you, best carrying novels and books with you, best dining and residing places and the tips which help you in making your trip low costly at the maximum.

Our team works with the passion of providing the best services to the people and gives them the material that they want to read. Our dedication is constantly making many new customers our clients and they keep on getting our publications whenever a new edition comes. Each time the new edition comes, the copies get sold in a few days and many people opt for its access to the internet as well. We always like to cover more and more information regarding lifestyle and travelling requirements in our magazine and try to meet the expectations of all people who subscribe to us no matter in what age group they are and what are their interests. We have gained a reputation of a global brand and we are enjoying our success and working even harder to keep up the standards. Due to our dedication, we have gained the title of the fastest growing publisher in Malaysia and we are constantly expanding and bringing new knowledge for the Malaysian people by giving them the perfect information regarding their lifestyle and travel needs.