Our Mission

The best and most preferred magazine in Malaysia, we work with the mission of helping and informing people about the latest developments regarding their lifestyles and traveling needs, and let the people know everything of their choice and interest. We have hired the best experts and profession people who cover interesting stories from all over the world and let the people find interesting stories about all the happenings that are happening in most of the places of the world.

Normally after sometime fashion changes as well as the choice of the people. We keep telling our readers what is in and what is out? If someone has vacations and wants to enjoy them then we will provide him the details about the best places that he/she can visit with friends or loved ones and get maximum enjoyment and outing. Everyone wants some change in his/her life after hard work and we will tell you about the places where you can go and relax yourself. We keep on exploring the new possibilities and we keep telling them to the people to let them choose the best and suitable one for themselves. You can also go on traveling from the savings which you have saved throughout the year and enjoy your good time once or twice in a year. If you have an adventurous nature and wants to have some adventure then get the best deals offered for the adventurous journeys in different parts of the world. Our magazine will introduce you the best and lowest cost places and journeys and tell you about the agencies from where you can book your tickets at affordable rates. We also inform people about the best happenings in Malaysia on occasions like New Year and they can enjoy these occasions with our guidance and support.

While travelling, you definitely have to spend some money and sometimes you have spent a lot of money for your destination. If you do not really survey about the possibilities and make a wrong decision, then it can badly affect your budget. Most people find the costs of traveling like booking tickets to be very high. For that, we advise you to follow a few tips to avoid high costs in your ticketing. These tips are trying to book your ticket and plan for a travel on the dates that are flexible and try not to make your journey on winter, summer or Christmas holidays in which tickets are normally sold at the highest prices. Book your ticket after having information on the lowest paid time, low paid day in the week and get your ticket well before your departure so you get maximum discount. Choose the discounted tickets and cheap airports for your travel and try to find the best package deals which offers the car pickup, rental, hotel and complimentary as well as the free services. You will find all this information and news in your magazine which will be helpful and greatly for your travelling and lifestyle and you enjoy your time both at home as well as in traveling elsewhere.